Today I learned that IceStudio supports the ULX3S ! I thought I'd first try it in WSL Ubuntu.

I'm not sure if X-Windows server is needed, but I have some notes in a prior blog post to use cygwin  from WSL.

sudo apt-get update  
sudo apt-get upgrade 
sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo apt-get install npm
node -v
cd ~/workspace/
## see
git clone
cd icestudio
## Do we need to have an X-Windows server running?
export DISPLAY=:0 # you may wish you put in this your ~/.bashrc
cp /mnt/c/cygwin64/home/gojimmypi/.Xauthority   ~/.Xauthority
## test X-Windows
## ensure we are on the develop branch
git status 
npm install
npm start

Unforunately, this left me in a state of "waiting..."

$ npm start
> icestudio@0.5.1 start /home/gojimmypi/workspace/icestudio
> grunt serve
Running "nggettext_compile:all" (nggettext_compile) task
Running "watch:scripts" (watch) task
Running "wiredep:task" (wiredep) task
Running "exec:stopNW" (exec) task
Running "exec:nw" (exec) task
Completed in 3.118s at Tue Dec 24 2019 06:57:33 GMT-0800 (PST) - Waiting...

For Windows, download the NodeJS and NPM. I did get it working, but see this icestudio GitHub issue #368 . More to come...

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