As part of my homework and class project for the Making Embedded Systems class, here are some of my notes on measuring the power consumption of my B-L475E-IOT01A Discovery Board.

The Nordic Power Profile Kit works in one of two modes: either Measuring current in Source Meter mode or Measuring current in Ampere Meter mode. I’m using it in source mode to power the isolated side of the Analog Devices EVAL-ADUM4160 USB Development Board.

The Upstream Power Jumper Settings for the USB Isolation board to be powered from USB:


The Downstream Power Jumper Settings do NOT have the ADuM5000 power isolation chip installed, and instead gets external power via J3 Power Profiler Vout and GND as shown on page 3 of the UG-043 EVAL-ADuM4160EBZ User Guide:



If you are interested in power analysis, there’s also this Otii Arc to consider.

The first power profile for my app running on the board is shown here:


nRF Connect for Desktop


Power Profiler Kit v1.1.0 User Guide

More notes in progress…