Another cool feature I wanted to fix was the infinite scrolling of blog previews. This turned out to be by far the most time consuming issue.

The underlying problem was on the original initializer. The post item list was so short on the demo, it only appeared that scrolling was working. What was happening is that after the next batch of article items loaded, nothing happened for the page one after that.

The key to infinite scroll loading, is to have a link available to indicate where the next batch of data is located. In my case, a list of article elements:

When the next scroll event was triggered, the .pagination item went missing:

There’s relatively little configuration documentation available. In other places, it appeared the code was using space-delimited strings. The configuration certainly does not. After some trial and error regarding what to use, it turned out that adding the .pagination class name to the comma-delimited contentSelector was the key to ensuring the nextSelector was actually available. See also jscroll #75

$(document).ready(function () {
		contentSelector: 'article, .pagination',
		nextSelector: '.next',
		callback: removeWrap,

function removeWrap() {
	var thisTheme ="color-scheme");
	const thisElements = $('.jscroll-added article');
	var forceDarkMode = (thisTheme == 'dark');
	for (i = 0; i < thisElements.length; i++) {
		thisElements[i].classList.toggle("dark-theme", forceDarkMode);

	$('.jscroll-added article').unwrap();

Note that I also added an initializer for my new dark mode feature in the removeWrap callback.

<img src="../images/w400-h144/jscroll_pagination_elements.png">

See scottlogic, specifically Jekyll Pagination and Infinite Scroll